Nike BetterWorld.

Nike co-founder Phil Knight on the mic.

Reminds me a little bit of the ASICS video with Mr.Onitsuka from a couple of years back:

Karhu from Finland.

Now pay attention kids: Karhu is not just another brand that wants to get a piece of the retro pie. Karhu started manufacturing footwear long before most brands out there. They´ve been in the sporting goods game since 1916
Karhu means bear in finnish.

Karhu is a true pioneer, Karhu´s footwear used to have three stripes on the side before adidas even existed. Later on adidas bought the rights to use the three stripes (Rumor has it that they payed a small amount of money and couple of whiskey bottles for the rights). During the 1960´s Karhu started to use the now iconic M-logo. M is for Mäntylä-the name of the two brothers that was the Karhu designer duo at the time. Air is one thing that most people in the running industry connect with Nike. Karhu used air cushion in their running shoes long before Nike...

We here at Sneakersnstuff are very happy to welcome back Karhu and their classic runner Fulcrum Star featuring the Fulcrum technology from 1987.

Supra 413 Liberty Skytop

If the Summer Solstice and Midsummer is a big thing here in Sweden celebrating the Independence Day on 4th of July is a massive thing in the US of A.

Here´s the Supra 413 Liberty Skytop, a heavy (21 oz) canvas version of Chad Muskas´s signature kicks.

July 2nd is the date when these patriotic sneakers drops in limited numbers here at Sneakersnstuff.

As always with the Supra 413 editions these kicks comes in 413 individually numbered pairs.

And yes, this is Another Sneakersnstuff Sweden Exclusive.

Nike Air Flow

Two of the original Nike Air Flow colorways will be released in-store at Sneakersnstuff Stockholm Monday the 27th of June.

Originally released in 1989 these runners were something else when they first came out.
Still extremely comfy. This is the first time the legendary Nike Air Flow has been retroed.

The official launch date for the retro Nike Air Flows (by some sites called Old vs New Pack-don´t ask us why-both colorways are old not new...) was June 25th but since June 25th is a National Holiday here in Sweden we decided to push back the release for a couple of days.

Just like the OG's they fit pretty tight and its feels like your running around naked, kinda.

Original Nike Air Flow ad. 1989.

If you're looking for a comfortable shoe this summer, it doesn´t get better than this.

Due to Nike TierZero rules these lovely runners are only available in-store, however if we happen to have any stock left after the release tomorrow feel free to hit our customer service up and we'll see if we can sort you out.

Please note: we accept no pre-orders, no layaways, strictly one pair per customer.

Sneakersnstuff x ASICS GT-II - Release party

Thanks to everyone that came by the release party for the ASICS GT-II at Pleasant Bar. We had a really good evening with great music and a lot of free drinks. Thanks Emil and Filip from IBEYOSTUDIO for putting it together!



The interest for our project with ASICS has been amazing! On behalf of the whole Sneakersnstuff Crew I´d like to thank everyone of you! As I´m writing this most of the shoes in question are long gone with an exception of a few small sizes.

Out of the total production of 312 pairs Sneakersnstuff recieved about 140 pairs.

Good news for all of you that missed out, the remaining pairs will be released at the following fine retailers June 25th:

24 Kilates, Barcelona
Avenue, Antwerp
Azita, Frankfurt
colette, Paris
End Clothing, Newcastle
Foot Patrol, London
Fuoriskema, Firenze
Hanon, Aberdeen
I Love Tokyo, Rome
Patta, Amsterdam
Seventyfive, Amsterdam
Slam Jam, Milan
solebox, Berlin
The Good Will Out, Cologne
Titolo, Bern
Woel, Rotterdam
WoodWood, Aarhus
WoodWood, Berlin
WoodWood, Copenhagen
WoodWood, Vienna

Sneakersnstuff in Gothenburg - Day 2

When we woke up the last day in Gothenburg it was raining cats and dogs. But that didn't stop us from having lunch at Heaven 23 with Thomas from ASICS. For those who don't know that is on the 23rd floor of Gothia Towers (a lot of tourists hangs out there) and they are famous for their shrimp sandwich.

We have always believed that the shrimps were local but apparently they catch the shrimps outside of Norway then they send them to Estonia where they peel them and after that they send them back to Gothenburg and Heaven 23. That sounds really fishy! After lunch we headed back to the ASICS office to look at the SS12 collection which looked really good. Thanks Thomas for having us!

The last night in Gothenburg was really fun. A big thank you to Henke, Lövet, Kalle and Linn that showed us some really nice places. We must say that we liked Yaki-Da the most. The vibe at the top floor was amazing and the food was really good.

See you soon Gothenburg!

 Always working!

 Thomas and Erik.

 Peter was hungry.

The view over Gröna Lund. No - I mean Liseberg.

 That's some high quality H2O.


 The ASICS office.

Erik got a new pair of shoes.

 Hej Kalle!

 Hej Linn!

Fish anyone?

Only small sizes left of the Sneakersnstuff x ASICS GT-II now. Did you get a pair?