Sneakersnstuff and Supra in Los Angeles

Two weeks ago Erik, Peter, Johan and Jonas went over to Los Angeles to attend the release party for the Sneakersnstuff x Supra ”Curry” Owen that was released at Sneakersnstuff November 17th. We would like to say a big THANK YOU to Matt, Axel and the whole crew at Supra that took good care of us and arranged a nice release party. See you guys soon either in Stockholm or Berlin! 

Here is some random pictures from the trip as well as some pictures from the party that we borrowed from, and Thanks everyone who came by! And once again, thank you Supra!

We ate a lot of burgers as usual...

Jonas representing!

Taking pictures in Santa Monica.

Beautiful beach!

Typical tourist picture...

This guy again!

Erik and Peter are running wild at the Supra skate park.

Hello Mr. Wayne!

Ludde, we have a solution to a packed stock room. Stack higher!

Peter, Erik, Matt, Axel and BJ Betts are checking out the Curry Owen.
The drink for the night.

Erik played good music as usual.

Our old friends Antonio and Joey from Mixwell turned up at the party. Hello!

 Thank you for this time Los Angeles!

Skool Boy was happy!

Rikard, Jonas, Erik and Johan

Camilla Poindexter from Bad Girls Club was there...

Matt and Peter

Rob Kardashian was there. Where is Kim?

Hello DJ Muggs!

To the left we have Angel Cabada, the founder of Supra. Thumbs up!


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